The Story of Umar bin Khattab's Conversion to Islam

The Story of Umar bin Khattab's Conversion to Islam
Before converting to Islam, Umar bin Khattab was known as someone who was fiercely hostile towards Muslims, obeyed the teachings of his ancestors, and committed bad deeds that were generally carried out by the ignorant, but was still able to maintain his self-respect.

He converted to Islam in the month of Dzulhijah in the 6th year of the prophethood, three days after Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib converted to Islam.

al Faruq Listening to the Prophet's Prayer Reading

In short, one night he came to the Grand Mosque secretly to listen to the Prophet's prayer.

At that time the Prophet read Surah al-Haqqah. Umar bin Khattab was amazed by the structure of the sentences and then said to himself - "By Allah, this is a poem as said by the Quraysh."

Then he heard the Messenger of Allah reading verses 40-41 (which stated that the Qur'an is not poetry), then he said, "Then that means he is a shaman."

Then he heard the Prophet reading verse 42, (which states that the Qur'an is not the words of a shaman.) Finally he said, "Islam has emerged in my heart."

However, because of the strong traditions of ignorance, blind fanaticism, glorification of the religion of his ancestors, he remained hostile to Islam.

The story of Umar bin Khattab intending to kill the Prophet

At the peak of his hatred for the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W., Umar decided to try to kill the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

However, while on his journey he met one of the followers of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. named Nu'aim bin Abdullah who then gave him the news that Umar's sister had embraced Islam, the teachings brought by the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. who he wanted to kill at that time.

Because of this news, Umar was shocked and went home with the intention of punishing his sister. It is reported that Umar met his sister while reading the Koran, Thoha verses 1-8, he became increasingly angry about this and hit his sister.

One day, he came out with his sword intending to kill the Prophet. On the way, he met Nu`aim bin Abdullah al 'Adawi, a man from Bani Zuhrah.

The man said to Umar bin Khattab, "Where are you going, Umar?"

Umar bin Khattab replied, "I want to kill Muhammad."

The man said, "How will you be safe from the Bani Hashim and Bani Zuhrah, if you kill Muhammad?"

So Umar answered, "I have not seen you unless you have abandoned the religion of your ancestors."

But the man replied, "Shall I show you what is even more astonishing to you, O Umar? In fact, your sister and your brother-in-law have left the religion you believe in."

Then he rushed to his younger brother who was studying the Koran, Thaha's letter to Khabab bin al Arat. When he heard that Umar bin Khattab was coming, Khabab hid.

Umar bin Khattab entered his house and asked about the voice he heard. Then Umar bin Khattab's sister and her husband said, "We are not discussing anything."

Umar bin Khattab replied, "It seems you have left the religion of your ancestors."

His brother-in-law replied, "O Umar, what do you think if the truth is not in your religion?"

Hearing this expression, Umar bin Khattab hit him until he was injured and bleeding, because his brother still defended the Islamic religion he adhered to, Umar bin Khattab despaired and regretted seeing the blood flowing on his brother-in-law.

Umar bin Khattab said, 'Give me the book you have, I want to read it.'

So his younger sister said, "You are dirty. You are not allowed to touch the book except those who are pure. Take a shower first!"

Then Umar bin Khattab took a shower and took the book that his younger sister had. When he read Thaha's letter, he praised and glorified its contents, then asked to show him the whereabouts of the Messenger of Allah.

Umar bin Khattab gave his shahada

When Khabab heard Umar bin Khattab's words, he emerged from hiding and said, "I will give you good news, O Umar!

I hope you are the person the Messenger of Allah prayed for on Thursday night, 'O Allah, glorify Islam. with Umar bin Khatthab or Abu Jahl (Amru) bin Hisham.' At that time, the Messenger of Allah was in a house in the Shafa area."

Umar bin Khattab took his sword and went to the house, then knocked on the door.

When one of them saw Umar bin Khattab coming with a sword drawn from the gap in the door of his house, he reported it to the Messenger of Allah.

Then they gathered. Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib asked, "What's wrong with you guys?"

They answered, 'Umar (come)!" Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib said, "Open the door. If he wants good, then we will accept it, but if he wants evil, then we will kill him with his sword."

Then the Prophet met Umar bin Khattab and said to him. "... O Allah, this is Umar bin Khattab. O Allah, glorify Islam with Umar bin Khattab." And in another narration: "O Allah, strengthen Islam with Umar."

Immediately Umar bin Khattab gave his shahadah, and the people in the house said their takbir loudly. According to his confession he was the 40th person to convert to Islam. Abdullah bin Mas'ud commented, "We have always been in glory since Umar bin Khattab converted to Islam."
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